And it begins..

I don’t know what is making me more nervous –  running 26.2 miles or blogging? Being a novice to both, I ask you to please excuse my crude mistakes and cringey updates, it’s all for a good cause! St Joseph’s Hospice.

It’s 2am on the 2nd January, today is the day it all begins. Not the 1st? No, that was spent on the sofa nursing a hangover, result of which I am now rudely wide awake. Having spent the last three weeks totally overindulging and excusing it, because ‘oh well it’s Christmas’, I got on the scales today and nearly passed out! This is going to be epic but I know (and Dan will testify) I can be very stubborn when I want to be, just need to channel it in the right direction. My challenge is three fold, to run a marathon, raise money for St Joseph’s Hospice and to get wedding ready (in every sense). Ahhhhh.

The first official training run is 7 miles TODAY. My reading has told me take all the long runs slow, really slow, and that this is really important. 90-120 secs slower than marathon pace. Having not done more than 13.1 ever, I will probably be eating my words later, but for now I’m feeling positive and looking forward to the challenge ahead. Apart from its raining….

2015-12-06 10.21.02
Ready to go but…
somebody has other ideas!

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Running a marathon is a walk in the park, right?! We have done a couple of half marathons, and this has always been the ultimate challenge.. but three weeks before our wedding? Everyone has told us we are mad. Raising money for the fantastic charity, St Joseph's Hospice, on the other hand makes total sense! Providing unequivocal vital care and support for patients and their families with life threatening and serious illness, St Joseph's Hospice is far reaching but costs £15 million a year to run, so very much relies on generous donations (like these) to keep doing it's vital work. We appreciate any support you can for St Joseph's Hospice and we in turn, hope to keep you amused with training anecdotes, cringe worthy photos and brief blogging... wish us luck!

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