The black hole….

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HomeEpsom common is my black hole. I love it but I can never get out of it. Having always thought I had a good sense of direction, the common takes me by surprise every time.  I have a few friends who would testify to this (sorry again) but this time I even prepped. I plotted a route on RunGo, I studied the route and I even sent the link to Dan. ‘Just in case’.

I love the off road trail, you can lose yourself to the beautiful countryside, quite literally in my case. I had also wrongly assumed that a couple of days of dry weather would mean a clean terrain. No. As it happens I got stuck in a sludgy bog and only grasped the enormity of it when I was too far in to turn around. For a mile I saw no one, I had been running fast and feeling good but suddenly I was traversing  mud (convincing myself this was how I would surely get injured) and gingerly siding up to Gorse bushes as I tried to squeeze onto a tiny dry ledge.

You will be relieved to know I made it out alive, just for the little woman in my ear to say ‘make an immediate u-turn’. Absolutely not no way! I followed some friendly bikers for a while until they disappeared off into the horizon and once alone again Epsom common clouded my mind.

At one point I ran a complete circle. I was using my app AND google maps and still managed to return to the same spot. At least the miles were clocking up but I was not such a big fan of the ‘Blair witch’ type tree that kept reappearing. 

As soon as a familiar pub came into view, I raced off towards civilisation… 

This won’t be the last you see of me Epsom Common! 

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Carbs and a vase…

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It appears I can’t be without my running trainers. To work, to dinner… Even antique shopping! They are starting to feel like a second skin. At the least the black ones are fairly incognito…

FullSizeRender (6)

Saturday was spent at Hungerford Arcade shopping for crystal vases. Just to make it harder I decided it had to be a ‘cluster’ per table, we are talking 45 or so in total.. Luckily the antiques market was a treasure trove, although I had to stop Dan from buying a suit of armour! It’s that or the honeymoon. Or on second thoughts perhaps I can convince him to run in it for charity? Then we wouldn’t know if its the chain mail rattling or his knees….I digress..thanks to my eagle eyed parents we snapped up rather a lot of vases which I will be auctioning off to friends and family after the big day. Of course all proceeds to St Joseph’s Hospice! 

And what a glorious Sunday. Sun shining and a cool breeze, made 21 miles along the Thames very pleasant.  Only mistake was running over lunchtime. With Sunday morning procrastination at its best, we didn’t set off until 1pm which meant the whole day felt dedicated to running. By the time we hit Kingston, the smell from Steins was  so intoxicating, I was convinced Dan would lean over the wall to steal a sausage. At least we would have had the edge on a quick get away! 

I was asked for a photo of me running….

Please help us keep going…


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One fat knee and one chocolate fudge cake….

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….does not good marathon training make. Actually scrap that, the choccy cake felt well deserved but the fat knee? Dan is resting for 2 weeks and (not-so) secretly enjoying his vacation from the regimented training. Especially as I set off in the rain on Saturday and came back in rain a couple of hours later. Truthfully it is a worry and we are hoping rest and time will do the job before we tackle 21 miles on Sunday. If not, I think it will be the last big run for Dan before the race. I don’t particularly want him hobbling up the aisle (wait  – that’s my role) but more importantly we need to be ready to take on the ultimate challenge! Which is a. London Marathon or b. marriage?

Not all doom and gloom though- we raised  a fantastic £120 hosting the first of a series of marathon dinners. 6 guests, 3 courses cooked chez Epsom, and no complaints. Score! I may have been cooking/running/cooking/running all week but well worth it for a Friday night with friends in aid of St Joseph’s Hospice. So thank you!


If anyone else wants to host a dinner/coffee morning/bake sale, all and any donations to the charity would be most gratefully received. (Plus it does feels so good) 

Or if you don’t have the time or the inclination, you can sponsor us at Just Giving. Let’s make that sore knee feel worthwhile! 

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