Jitter Bug….

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I’ve got ants in my pants and I can’t sit still. I’m hopping from foot to foot with anxious excitement while Dan (outwardly anyway) is a picture of calm serenity. It was so bad on Saturday night that at 9pm I decided I just couldn’t sit and watch a movie but absolutely MUST clear out all the kitchen cupboards. Job well done, but not entirely necessary or well timed!


This whole tapering malarkey is a game of two halves, relaxing yes but not entirely guilt free. Can’t believe I’m saying this but last week I ONLY ran 22 miles total. LAZY! (Jokes, sort of)

Practically I think we are ready. Breakfast check, running outfit check, water bottles check, gels check…We have not been practising with Lucozade gels, (they are not easy to find) and I sure ain’t trying them on the day! I definitely don’t want to experience worst case scenario…


Starting block.. Uncheck. Dan and I are in different zones, the routes only merge after mile 3 which will make it nigh on impossible to find each other en route. So our amazing cheer squad may have to keep their eyes peeled and double the screams! Pretty please?!

Distracting ourselves with wedding prep (which includes all important playing in the park with the nephews) has been very welcome. We are totally overwhelmed by the amazing support everyone has shown and I promise my yabbering is nearly over.


And so to Sunday, it’s not going to be fast and it’s not going to be pretty, think purple Darth Vader, but we do promise to smile and wave, and enjoy every minute….as long as that wall doesn’t slam into us!

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Notes to self: 1st Marathon

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Whilst enjoying a leisurely Sunday morning run, smug yet mindful that Dan was nursing an epic Stag hangover –  somewhere (I could phone but what would be the fun in that? Don’t want to be the nagging wife already) –  I started making a mental to do list, three weeks until THE run, which in turn is three weeks before THE wedding.

So to cut a long list short: the practicalities of running your first marathon and wedding.

In no particular order.

  1. Try not to get lost forever in Epsom Common.
  2. Find Dan
  3. Stay injury free. Paintball bruises excluded.
  4. Keep updating the wedding playlist only with songs that make you want to dance around the room or sing whilst running. Sorry if anyone has witnessed either.
  5. Try not to get ridiculous tan lines. Optimistic that the weather might continue Bex rightly pointed out yesterday that on no account can I get strap marks from the St Joseph’s running vest. Something that had not crossed my mind but would in fact be awful! Mmmmm…
  6. No more binge drinking.
  7. Fundraise fundraise fundraise
  8. Start organising the wedding.
  9. Plan the after party- after run, after wedding!
  10. Make it to the finish line (think run and wedding).

On that note… Please don’t stop the music! 

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